Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adventures in Online Dating


      Oh boy... where do I even start today? How about a lesson for all of my friends on how NOT to act while chatting with a stranger online. I was pulled into a world of pure douchebaggery this afternoon by a man who's screen name was "jonny_rocknroll". He started the conversation off rude and it finally ended with me flaming his ass and blocking him from ever speaking to me again. I'd like to know why some people feel the need to be total assholes to women online? I mean, do these guys get a power trip over it? I can promise that when speaking to a woman such as myself, I will happily knock his dick in the dirt in reaction to behavior like that. 
      I fully understand that some men are just not able to communicate through written words very well. Although resorting to words like "humping" and "chick" lead me to believe you stopped caring how you come across to others at about 12 years old. I was clearly speaking with a 42 year old man child, and this became apparent to me after the second message sent to me. So for all my single friends out there, male or female, gay or straight, or anyone who is HUMAN... Please do society a favor and learn some damned manners! Don't think that playing the asshole card will win over a suitable mate for yourself. The chances are, that if you treat someone in such a way and they LIKE it... RUN! because they are crazier than you. 

     I am not sure yet how I feel about this online dating crap, what I DO know, is that I'm absolutely worth more than how this guy chose to treat me. I hope that all my friends and family know their value. Know what you have to offer and do not ever cheapen yourself for anyone. I'm walking away this evening with my head held high, knowing that he deserved the verbal beat down he received from me. 

    Until next time my friends!