Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to my life!

     Let me introduce myself first off, my name is Leigh-Ann, I am a single mother just living my life the best way I know how. After much urging from my well meaning family and friends I have decided to create my own blog page. The title might throw you for a loop since this is not going to be all about cooking! I will make random posts regarding my life, my kids, my insanity, and the very interesting (using that term loosely) world of online dating. Now please don't get me wrong, I REALLY love food! I promise that I will post some of my "Lonely girl meals" on here as well.

*Edit: I have since changed the name of my blog from "Tonight on Lonely Girl Cooking" to its current title. 

     A little bit of back story.... 3 1/2 years ago I found myself suddenly single after 11 years of marriage. I was devastated, heartbroken and generally depressed. I had to learn how to survive on my own, claw my way back to my feet and care for my children. I've made peace (mostly) with my ex husband and his girlfriend. I split 50/50 custody with him, despite my anger and resentment for him. The bottom line was that he was a great father, and a shitty husband. Trust me when I say it was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I feel MUCH better now for taking the high road. I chose a path for happiness and strength, the other road seemed full of hate, regret and sadness... No thank you! So after about 11 months of being single I jumped back into the dating scene, all brand new like a newborn calf. I dated a LOT of losers, one of which I stuck with for 2 years, don't ask me why. Now I'm back at it, more experience, more self worth and WAY more confidence!
I hope you will stick around for the shenanigans! I seem to find myself in them often! My next post will be my last few dating experiences, stay tuned, shit's about to get real!