Sunday, February 28, 2016

Further insight to my life

     Hey guys, so I have been asked quite a few times now, how I can write a blog like this knowing that one day my kids will read it. How they might feel knowing things about me that I post in here. Well, I'd like you all to read on. I would love to give you some insights on how I am raising my kids to be open minded humans, ready for all this world has to throw at them. 

     So first off, I want you all to understand that I am completely aware that I don't owe an explanation to anyone. However, for the sake of clarity, and to address some apparent "concerns" I am going to give you all a little peek into my relationship with my kids. My kids know first and foremost that I love them, hands down, no question, unwavering, unconditional LOVE. This, to me, seems like a completely obvious statement. I mean, what kind of parent can't figure out how to love their kid no matter what... well, lots of them it turns out. Mothers going off their fucking rockers and driving their kids into lakes and shit. Parents disowning their children for coming out as gay or bisexual. Dead beat parents, that just drop their kids with random people because they can't be bothered with the responsibility of parenting, because their drug of choice is just too fucking tempting. I could go on and on about these piles of human excrement, but it's pissing me off.  Don't worry though, I am not one of those heartless bastards. All 3 of my kids know that they can come to me with anything, for any reason, and I will not cast them aside or make them feel unwanted or unloved. I want them to know, as their mother, I am their safe haven. 

     "What about my foul language?" Yeah? And? What's your fucking point exactly? Language is language. We have a variety of words to use for all sorts of things, yet I still prefer "Fuck no" over "No". Do I allow them to use curse words around me or in my home? FUCK NO, and you know why? Because they are not adults. When they are adults, and can be treated as such, then you bet your ass that my kids can sit there with me and use fuck like a comma when they are old enough to get a job, pay their bills and take care of themselves, like I have taught them to. Then they can cuss freely. They are all well aware of this rule. However, I know that they are throwing around cuss words with their friends, because I did it too. I have even told them that I know. My rules for outside the home, work much the same way. If I ever hear of them using them towards an adult, using them to intimidate or bully another child, or using them at school, they will be punished. Not only will they have to hand write a heartfelt note of apology, they will get to do all the chores for everyone in the house for the entire week they are with me. Depending on the infraction, this may go on for an extended period of time. My kids know I mean business. If you are close to me, you can ask them yourself, otherwise, you will just have to take my word on that. 

     As for the concern over my openness about my dating history, and small glimpses into my sex life. This is not intended for anyone under 18. Think of me as an R rated movie. If the time comes and they want to read it, a certain amount of warning will be given about the content, and if they wish to proceed, I will be ready with cute cat videos and other forms of internet "eye bleach". This blog isn't for prude, delicate, or uptight people. I'm not raising my kids to be any of those things. I am encouraging them to live life to the fullest, to live for themselves, to look at life with a sense of humor, and to enjoy every day as best they can. Open minded, free spirits, independent, take care of your damned self, and use your brain to come up with your own conclusions people. THOSE are the type of people I am raising. I believe that if anyone can take away anything from my blog, it's not just the candid nature of my stories. It's the story of how I have become all those things for myself. It's an ongoing story of empowerment and strength, and I am not ashamed of it at all.   

     In my mind, I feel, that as long as I teach my kids respect, kindness, and how to be open minded. It's all they need to be functioning members of society. My personal life is just that, personal. They know that I date, but they don't need to know anything else. They know I have a filthy mouth, and they understand the ramifications for saying things that are inappropriate for their age. My children are smart, strong and caring individuals. I receive compliments from other parents on how well behaved they are during sleep overs and play dates. So for those that wonder about my parenting skills, just because I write a profanity laden blog about my life, know that my kids are just fine and none of your concern. I am incredibly close with my daughter, I am still learning how to foster a close relationship with my sons. My kids are happy, healthy and well loved by a mother who says "fuck" a lot.  I often times find myself being hilariously shocked by the things my kids can say or do. They have amazing senses of humor. They are my pride and joy, I know that is the same old cliche that all parents say, but its true. When I get to share and laugh, and have fun with my kids, nothing in this world makes me happier.

     So I hope that this entry was insightful, and to any folks out there with concerns, please stop concerning yourselves with my life and kids. Pay attention to your own lives, maybe if more people out there started finding their own path instead of being so worried about the paths that others are following, the world would be filled with more free thinkers and problem solvers. I write to express myself, and to hopefully reach people that may need a little help finding their inner strength. I have been told by many, that I am an inspiration. This is both humbling and gratifying for me. I have worked very hard to get to a place where I am comfortable being me. For all those who have reached out to me and thanked me for being an inspiration, I want to offer my sincerest gratitude. If not for those people, I wouldn't have found the courage to keep going. Just knowing that I was helping someone out there overcome their own obstacles, helped me to overcome my own. 

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 
Until next time friends.