Monday, February 22, 2016


     Hello everyone, I'm just sort of rambling today, I don't have anything specific to talk about. Ever have one of those phases in life when it seems like things are just sort of in a weird kind of limbo? I mean, I have had a lot happen in the last month or so. I bought a new car, I got a raise and a sort of promotion... That is a bit complicated to explain, so I won't. I don't really know how to explain this place in my life. It's like a strange place where things are trying to come together, but just haven't yet.

     Well anyway, so I have been trying to get back into eating healthy and working out. Let me tell you, 34 isn't the new 24. I don't give a fuck what anyone tells me. Damn, my body is wanting me to get into shape, but my joints are like "Whoa Bitch! We need some TLC." For me, the biggest issue is my hips, let me tell you, after 3 kids and the fact that I am "double jointed" (yeah I know it's not a real thing, hence the quotes, fuck face.) It has taken a toll on my hip joints and they need a few days of recovery between workouts. Another project I have been working on is helping people discover essential oils again. It baffles me that people are so afraid to learn how they can help you in your everyday life. As I'm sitting here typing, I'm running myself an Epsom salt bath with lemon grass oil for muscle aches and a touch of lavender for my frigging sanity. I will rub my sore hips down with a muscle cream called Deep Blue, and I will be able to walk tomorrow without maxing my dose of ibuprofen. I might start a separate blog for that if the time comes where I have educated myself enough. Right now I'm still learning and experimenting with my own blends and remedies.

     So, other than that, my life has been rather boring lately. I haven't really been on many dates. I recently had some friends that I thought were good, turn out to be quite toxic. I found a couple new friends and reacquainted with some old friends that I had lost contact with. I can happily say that for month 2 of 2016, it's been good so far. I have not regretted anything I've said or done. I only learn, and move forward. Life is too damned short to dwell on things that you can't change. Apologize for your wrong doings, learn from your mistakes and just try to do better tomorrow.

Until next time friends