Monday, August 10, 2015

Muddling through Boredom


          Hello my wonderful friends! I have a few topics to share with you all today! I hope that you all enjoy my thoughts and opinions.
         Well, it has been kind of a quiet week for me. No dates scheduled, nothing crazy happening, and I'm just happy to have some quiet time for myself. So in this (hopefully) short period of calmness, I shall focus on my own needs and wants. I highly recommend that every person in the world do this from time to time. I don't care if you are married, a parent, young, or old, take time for yourself! Ideally this time would be long enough to center yourself and find your happy. For my own sanity, I take walks around this beautiful town I live in. There are a lot of nature trails where I can get some peace and feel like I'm grounded.

          Now I mentioned that I hoped this was a short period of calm, that's because I find that a few things happen to me when I remain still for too long. I stop thinking that anything sounds fun, I turn down invites to go out and I end up binge watching Netflix. Then I start to feel depressed and lonely, which is stupid since it's a product of my own making. So, I hope that I will not have too many days where I'm not scheduled to do something.

          The online dating has been going slowly, which isn't a bad thing I suppose. I'm quite selective on who I respond to. I'll share with you how I sift through the Who's Who of human shit. First off, like everyone else, there has to be some sort of attraction there. Be it your choice of words, physical appearance, or the way you come across through my computer screen. I'm willing to look past the physical appearance, for the most part, if a man engages me in an interesting conversation. I like intelligence, I crave it. I am not the type of person that can overlook someone's intelligence for beauty. A man can be drop dead gorgeous, however, if he's ignorant, I can't even pretend to like him.
Then there are the "Hi" guys. COME ON! give me more to work with than that. This includes, but is not limited to, these lousy attempts at conversation: Hey, Hello, Sup, You are hot or 'your hot' (come the fuck on, grammar people!), Hey Sexy, Hotttttttttt.... etc.....
This will not get a response out of me about 95% of the time. If I spoke to you after a message like this, congratulations, you caught me in a weak moment. If the conversation doesn't progress past pleasantries however, I will become bored with you and will end the conversation by no longer responding.
Now I'm left with the physical appearance. I'm just like everyone else, I'm sorry, you have to be somewhat good looking. If you look like you have lived under a bridge, or should, I probably won't talk to you. There is a certain level of creep factor in appearance. I can't exactly describe what it is, but if I look at your picture and feel uneasy or just plain grossed out, you're not getting a reply. You should probably lower your standards and try again.
 ALL that being said, I will still end up dropping off the map for about another 60% of the guys I actually try to converse with. Some of them are just boring, or don't take the time to get back to me, or just end up not being what I am looking for in a man.
It just seems to boil down to a few factors, be interesting, be unique in how you speak to me, make up for what possible physical shortcomings you might have in your personality, and above all else be respectful! Not only to me, but to yourself and others. I hope that gave you guys a little bit to work with, and I hope my girl friends out there read this and saw some things they liked in my personal screening process. It's overwhelming and can be really scary out there! I wish you all the best.

          I hope to have another cooking post for you guys this week. I had a delicious pork chop, baked potato and steamed broccoli last night. I didn't take a pic though. I'll try to be better! Let me know what you'd like to read about! Comment, send me an email, hit me up on Facebook! I love hearing from people.

Until next time my friends!