Sunday, August 30, 2015

The New Age of "Dating"


     Ok, today I have a rant post. This is directed at some of the online "dating" apps. I use the term dating VERY loosely here, just like the men and women on the sites! HA! Tinder, Grinder, Hot or Not.... these are not dating apps, they are hook-up apps. This shit makes getting laid easy. Personally I hate that people are so damned willing to give it up these days! It's pretty much expected anymore. You chat for a few mins, flirt heavily, send nude pics and then you meet up! Gross, and they wonder why STD's are so widespread. Did you know that 10% of adults in the US ages 20-29 have Herpes! Those are just the cases that KNOW they have it! 1.4 Million have Chlamydia, 330k have Gonorrhea, and 17k have Syphilis! Well now, that makes me want to swipe right, how about you!

     Not only is this becoming such a fucking joke to call it dating, it is making the idea of monogamy something of the past. I like to call it the "Grass is Always Greener" complex. The person who is supposed to love you and care for you, just can't help but wonder if there is another person better for them out there. I get it, I totally get it. However, maybe you don't go looking for it while you are supposed to be focusing on the person you have chosen to be with. You picked them! You said that you loved them! How can you expect them to be devoted to you, when you are too busy looking for the next bed to warm?

     I hate trying to dig through all the bull shit to find one decent man to try this whole relationship thing with. I have found the liars, the users, and the useless fucks. The guys who only want to sext, the asshats that only want a hook-up, and the liars that say they are single when they aren't. Although, all these might be attached men due to the fact that they want no commitment whatsoever. The casual dating is not my style, not in the sense that a lot of men seem to think anyway. To me, casual dating is meeting for drinks after work, coffee, working out, generally keeping things simple and not stressing about fancy dinners and putting out!

     Be careful out there people, use protection and please don't use these sites to cheat on your significant other. If you don't want to be with them then break up with them. Do not string them along and make them believe that you still love them, because if you are willing to actively look for another person to spend your time with.... You DON'T love them at all.

Until next time my friends!