Thursday, August 6, 2015

Adventures of a Single Mom Trying to Date!


     Ok, so as I covered earlier in my blog, I'm a mother of 3 wonderful kids. They are my world, I would do anything for them and love them each for the people they are. That being said, I'm done having kids. No more! 3 is plenty, thank you. Not to mention that they are all potty trained and can generally feed and care for themselves. Now I'm going to segway this into a dating rant here, so stick with me.

     So in the dating world there seem to be 3 types of man... The first type: Those that have no kids and don't ever care if they do, or flat out want none. This type of man I am cautious to date, mainly because they don't have a clue what goes into raising a child, therefore have no idea why I can't drop everything and run off anytime I like. 
The second type: Those who have their own kids and are ok with you having kids as well. These guys understand the throws of parenting somewhat. However, there can be serious issue if they don't see eye to eye with you on parenting techniques. I'm more inclined to date this type VS the others just because of the single parenthood common ground. 
The third type: The guys who have a biological clock that won't quit! This guy is hard to notice right off the bat. This guy is sneaky, he can blend into either of the other 2 categories fairly seamlessly. This guy scares the shit out of me! This is the type that will wait until your emotions are clouding your judgement. Or he will just catch you off guard at any given moment. You could know him for months, or just a few days or weeks before he drops the "I want a baby" bomb on you! This guy gets kicked to the curb with me. PEACE OUT! Not only no, but HELL NO! Shit, even my 12 year old daughter knows that this type of guy is out of his mind if he thinks a woman with 3 kids, (who has told him she's done with babies, mind you) is gonna have more for him. 

     Ok, phew! Sorry for the detour. It just seems that the more I dive into the rabbit hole of single life, the more motherhood and dating start to bleed across. My children know I date, however, I keep them from the painful reality of having men pop in and out of their lives. My kids have met exactly 2 boyfriends since my ex husband left. That's it. I do not parade men through my house, I do not schedule dates when I have them if I can help it, and above all, I DO NOT have them meet a man unless I am 100% comfortable with him myself. I know there are judgemental people out there who think I shouldn't even date until they are grown... To you I say, FUCK OFF! It's not your life, it's mine. My kids are protected and anyone who wishes to challenge that can say it to my face. I'll go ALL momma bear on you. 

So, I will have many more opportunities to share crazy stories with you. Family stories, dating stories and cooking stories. If there is anything y'all would like to have me share my opinion on, please leave me a comment.
Until next time!